Welcome to Satoshi Farms where we are "growing with bitcoin"
What is bitcoin?

What is bitcoin?

Growing With Bitcoin
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There are many innovative growers of Bitcoin such as Blockchain.info - Bitcoin's most popular bitcoin wallet and block explorer.Satoshi Farms helps boost awareness through bitcoin experiences. Here we offer visitors an abundance of resources for growing with bitcoin. Our Browse through the bitcoin markets and find great vendors like Mycelium - a wallet and Local Trader Android app. “growers” produce innovative tools which help with bitcoin utility, acceptance and understanding. There are many current Cultivate your understanding of bitcoin with many resources such as Let’s Talk Bitcoin! an ongoing conversation about the ideas, people and projects building the new digital economy.“markets”  to visit where one can get involved in bitcoin - both locally and online - through shopping, donating to charities and trading on exchanges. Because bitcoin is an emerging technology it is essential to continually “cultivate” understanding. The Corral with people in your area to grow with bitcoin.“corral” provides information about current bitcoin meetups, events and conferences. Regularly check out our “Fresh Picks” which feature contributors to the Bitcoin economy through their labors-of-love. Providing people with a real taste of bitcoin, Satoshi Farms cultivates a dynamic exchange between merchants and consumers around the world.

Remember: Only you should hold your *private keys* !

Satoshi Farms’ designed a bitcoin keyring which is produced on an original 3D MakerBot printer. If you would like to support *growing with bitcoin* please consider a donation in bitcoin.
Enough to cover shipping for this token of appreciation we will send to you. Thank you!
 **** To receive your keyring(s) you need to Email your mailing address along with the confirmed blockchain.info transaction hash.
* Disclaimer: Not a real bitcoin, not a real gold coin - just a shiny, plastic, durable token. Max 12 per donation over $60USD. (Keys not included)


If you are an interested in growing with bitcoin please contact us


Grow Bitcoin

Grow bitcoin?